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Business Matters to God

At CFB we believe that business matters to God.

God made this world and cares about it. God cares about it so much that even though the creation had fallen far from his original plan, he sent Christ to reconcile it to himself. We are called to participate in God’s work of reconciliation, and business has a role to play.

In Why Business Matters to God, Jeff Van Duzer, former dean of the SPU School of Business, Government & Economics, suggests that the two primary purposes of business are to provide goods and services that all may flourish and to provide meaningful employment.  When businesses do these things, they are fulfilling their purpose; they are making their unique contribution to the establishment of God’s kingdom, a kingdom of wholeness, of peace, and of shalom.

Because business matters to God, how we do business is of great significance.  We invite you to join us as we ask hard questions, dive deep into scripture, theology, and business practices, and explore what it looks like to work as God’s servants in the world of business.

News & Events

June, 2024 – Hosted 2024 cohort of Pollard Scholars on campus

May, 2024 – Bruce Kennedy Ethical Leadership Lecture with Rich Stearns and Joe Sprague

March, 2024 – Laity Lodge gathering with Faith & Co (Seasons 1-4) community

March, 2024 – Celebrated Dr. Al Erisman as Frank Haas Award Recipient

November, 2023 – Service Master as an Exemplar of Spiritual Leadership with Dr. Susan Brownlee and Dr. Helen Chung 2022 paper of the Year Award

October, 2023 – Launch of Student Coffee Talk Series

June, 2023 – Hosted 2023 cohort of Pollard Scholars on campus

May, 2023 – Bruce Kennedy Ethical Leadership Lecture with Dr. Uli Chi and Brad Tilden

May, 2023 – Sponsor Institute for Faith and Work Conference

April, 2023 – Faith and Co. Season 5 film series consists of six films produced in collaboration with Faith Driven Movements

April, 2023 – Brought CFB social media in house including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter

February, 2023 – Celebrated Steve Bell as Frank Haas Award Recipient

June, 2022 – Hosted 2022 cohort of Pollard Scholars on campus

August, 2022 – Registration is open for our new online courses, Business on Purpose and Serving the World, exploring the role of service in business and the way faith shapes organizational impact on the community and natural environment.

July, 2022 – We’re very excited to announce that our 38 Faith & Co. films and 4 season trailers have been translated into Spanish! Viewers can access these via the settings buttons in YouTube.

June, 2022 – We’re delighted to welcome Malcolm Guite and Steve Bell to SPU’s campus on June 7, 2022. They’ll present Faith and the Imagination: Poetry, Song, and Inspiration – A Conversation on Faith and Work.

May, 2022 – We were honored to host the 2021 Pollard Scholars on campus May 20. Drs. Maria Lam, Jooho Lee, Larry Sharp, and John Terrill participated in a panel discussion followed by a presentation by Dr. John Terrill. Dr. John Terrill’s paper, “The Role of Place and Placemaking in the Life of ServiceMaster,” which won the “Best Paper” award, examines the roles of place and placemaking at ServiceMaster as mechanisms to shape organizational culture.

July, 2021 – The Faith & Co. Season 4 films are now complete! Watch the Season 4 trailer.

June, 2021 – We’re delighted to announce that Dr. JoAnn Flett will be joining us as the Executive Director of the Center for Faithful Business! Read the full announcement here.

December, 2020 – We have a new name! CIB is now CFB, the Center for Faithful Business.

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