2018 Scholars

Rev. Dr. Daniel Castelo

Education: BA, Lee University, 1998; MDiv, Church of God Theological Seminary, 2000; PhD, Duke University, 2005. At SPU since 2007. Current Position: Professor of Dogmatic and Constructive Theology, Seattle Pacific University. Professor Castelo is a Christian theologian who is currently researching and writing in the areas of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit (pneumatology) and Latino/a studies. His professional distinctions include winning the John Templeton Award for Theological Promise, participating in a two-year Wabash workshop for Latino/a faculty, and guest-editing an issue of the International Journal of Systematic Theology. He has served in formal capacities within both the American Academy of Religion and the Wesleyan Theological Society. He has lectured widely in Latin America and Europe. Dr. Castelo is an Ordained Elder in the Pacific Northwest Conference of the Free Methodist Church. In addition to being a prolific author, he enjoys teaching and preaching in local church settings.  Read Dr. Castelo’s paper.

Dr. Darrell Cosden

Education: BA, Bryan College, 1985; MDiv, Denver Seminary, 1989; Cambridge Certificate, St. Giles College, London, 1991; PhD, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, 1998. Position: (Recent) Professor of Theological Studies, Judson University, 2007-2017; (Current Location) Joshua Tree National Park, Indian Cove Visitor Center, US Department of the Interior: National Park Service, Volunteer. Dr. Darrell T. Cosden taught theology and philosophy at Judson University (Illinois) beginning in 2007 after 17 years in Europe (Scotland, Russia, and Ukraine). He was formally a lecturer at the International Christian College in Glasgow, and he taught theology and ethics in Ukraine at the Donetsk Christian University. Dr. Cosden is particularly interested in faith and culture and how ideas, philosophical and theological, shape contemporary and popular culture. His 2006 book, The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work, was listed among the “Books of the Decade” by London Institute of Contemporary Christianity magazine. Wrote LICC Staffer Mark Greene, “Cosden’s book is a tightly argued theological exploration of the eternal value of daily work, and deals with the nagging question that flawed understandings of the new heaven and the new earth lead to: why bother if it’s all going to burn?”  Read Dr. Cosden’s paper.

Dr. Matthew Kaemingk

Education: BA, Whitworth University; MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary; PhD, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam; PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary. Current Position: Associate Dean; Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics, Fuller Texas; Scholar-in-residence for the Max De Pree Center for Christian Leadership. Dr. Matthew Kaemingk’s research and teaching focus on Islam and political ethics, faith and the workplace, theology and culture, and Reformed public theology. His book on Christian political ethics titled Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in an Age of Fear was published by Eerdmans in 2018. From 2013 to 2017 Dr. Kaemingk served as executive director of the Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture in Seattle, Washington. Founding the institute in 2013, he helped to launch three innovative theological initiatives with the help of two major grants from the Murdock Charitable Trust. These new initiatives were designed to equip regional churches to engage the arts, marketplace, and culture of the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Kaemingk is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church. 

Rev. Dr. Gordon Preece

Education: BA, University of Sydney, 1975; MA, 1977; ThL, Moore Theological College, 1979; BD, London University, 1980; MSS, University of NSW, 1989; PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1997. Current Position: Director, Center for Research in Religion and Social Policy, University of Divinity, Australia. An Anglican priest based in Yarraville, Melbourne, Dr. Gordon Preece brings an extensive background in leadership and research to his current role. Dr. Preece is a highly regarded scholar, researcher, and lecturer with numerous publications, including 11 books on theology of work and ethics. He is a public commentator in media forums (with Compass, Waleed Aly, John Faine, Jon Cleary, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun) and for articles and reviews in journals, including ABC Religion and Ethics Online, Pacifica, Equip, Interface, Theology Today, International Journal of Systematic Theology and Foreign Affairs Journal. Additionally, Dr. Preece’s writing has been featured in hundreds of magazine articles including Alive, Baptist Witness (Victoria), Southern Cross, and The Melbourne Anglican. Read Rev. Dr. Preece’s paper.

Dr. Hannah Stolze

Education: BA, Carthage College, 2003; MBA, Lindenwood University, 2005; PhD, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2012, MABS, Wheaton College, 2019. Current Position: Director of the Wheaton Center for Faith & Innovation: Associate Professor of Marketing & SCM, Department of Business and Economics, Wheaton College. Dr. Hannah Stolze is an active writer and researcher. Her primary research interest is sustainability. This includes environmental, social, and economic sustainability that can be achieved through logistics and supply chain management at the firm level and throughout the supply chain. Building on the inherent need for collaboration to achieve environmental supply chain management, she has also researched and published on the impact of social capital and social networks on cross-functional and inter-firm integration. Her interest in the theology of work can be seen on her blog www.hannahstolze.com, where in her post “A Simple Theology of Business (or a theory of wisdom-based business)”, she explores how a faith-led individual can go about growing a business while applying biblical principles that facilitate “business success.” Her forthcoming book on Wisdom Based Business is under contract for publication with Harper Collins Christian Publishing/Zondervan in Spring 2021.