Frank Haas Integrity in Business Award

About Frank Haas

Frank Haas was president and founder of Leisure Communities Ltd. based in Lakeland, Florida.  Frank was a caring, warm person who sought to integrate his faith into every aspect of life.  He was particularly committed to the pursuit of integrity in business and was instrumental in the founding of the Center for Faithful Business at SPU.  The Frank Haas Integrity in Business Award is given to a businessperson who exhibits characteristics similar to Frank’s and who has contributed to his or her community. 

Award Recipients

Steve Bell speaks at the podium during the 2023 award ceremony

2023 Steve Bell

Steve Bell is founder of Bellmont Cabinet Company, a family-owned cabinet manufacturer located in Sumner, Washington, dedicated to product innovation, functionality, and timeless yet trend-setting styles. The mission of Bellmont Cabinets is to leave the world a better place, building integrity, respect, and responsibility as stewards of the community and environment. Bell started Bellmont Cabinet Company in his garage in the 1970s, growing the company into a 200-employee, $30 million-a-year maker of high-end cabinets. Following the recession of 2008, Bell rebuilt the company. His sons, Casey Bell (SPU, ’02) and Tyler Bell (SPU, ’04), now maintain the Bellmont tradition as CEO of Operations and CEO of Sales and Marketing, respectively, as the company runs in excess of $100 million a year and employs nearly 300 staff.

2019 Bill Pollard

C. William ‘Bill’ Pollard is Chairman of Fairwyn Investment Company, a private investment firm, and for over a twenty-five year period, Bill participated in the leadership of The ServiceMaster Company serving not once but twice as its Chief Executive Officer. Bill has also served as a director of several public companies and a number of charitable, religious, and educational organizations, including Wheaton College and the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. He is the author of several books including the best seller The Soul of the Firm and his most recent book The Tides of Life.

2018 Eric and Keri Stumberg

Eric and Keri Stumberg are passionate about the integration of faith and business and about mentoring others who are called to work in the business world. Eric is CEO of TengoInternet which provides internet services to the outdoor lodging and hospitality market.  The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Eric seeks to run his business with the highest integrity, saying that “every business decision is a theological decision.”  Eric received his MBA from The University of Texas at Austin, and Keri received her MPC from Texas State University-San Marcos.